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The Wedding is What!?

Chapter one

Dell: John... John.

I woke up on the couch again and with John as my cuddling partner. Ever since John told me that he invited my old co workers to our wedding we've started bickering at each other... Okay so I'm bickering at him and he takes the blame as if he always in trouble. 

But life's fine.

I poked John's stomach as he yawn.

John: Whaaaa-?

Dell: Our teams are gonna be here today... 

John: Whhy?

Dell: Because you invited them here for the wedding.

John gave out a groan as he stretches on the couch, opening his eyes to see Dell.

John: Mornin' Dellay..

Dell: Mornin' Johnathan. Now get up, they'll be here soon.


The door rang as John took off his signature pink laced apron. 

John: They're already here? They're not supposed to be here till two...

John opened the door enough for a crack of light to invade. A tall 7'3" lanky man with black hair that was spiky in every direction, gray-ish blue eyes, several freckles all over his cheeks and nose; wearing a white tee shirt with the words "Kiss me, I'm Australian" and gray pants that cover half of his work boots stood on the large porch.

Visitor: G'day Miles.

John: JOEY!

Joey was suddenly met with a tight hug. He squirmed to free himself.

Joey: Woah- Miles! I- it's nice to see you too- now- LET GO. I CAN BARELY BREATH.

John released Joey.

John: Sorry, I just haven't seen you for almost a month.

Joey: Oh and I brought the little brats with me. They're still in the car.

Just as Joey announces, a man just shorter than him (about 6'8") seemed to appear from thin air. This man had gold blond hair gelled back, piercing blue-green eyes, and peach skin. He wore a tailor-made blue pinstriped suit with matching pants, tie, a white button up found underneath, and a pair of black Italian boots. 

Man from thin air: Bonjour Johnathan.

John: Píerre.


John, Dell, Joey, Píerre, and one other man were in the barely touched living room. Two couches displayed over the room. Dell and John sitting on their plushy couch they cuddled on and the other four sat on the fuzzy tan couch. A tall black Scottish with blue-green eyes and spiky blond hair sat on the end of the tan couch, wearing a long sleeved plaid turtle neck and gray pants, was holding an open beer he'd gotten from John, laughing at his own story.

Scottish visitor: And then I told him that if he's gonna use mah' bombs, he'd sure a hell bring back a gun!

John: Brits.

Brits: And when he came back-

John: BRITS.

Brits: What is it boyo? 

John: When I invited you here, I didn't invite you to talk about your stories.

Brits: So why am I here?

John: To attend my wedding.

Brits: You're getting married!?


Another knock at the door.

Dell excused himself so he wouldn't feel anymore secluded in the group of BLUs and abandoned John to suffer the story the BLU demoman told. 

He opened the door and to his surprise was a tall australian 7'6" with tan skin, brown hair, and blue eyes wearing a red button up covered with a light tan hide vest and baggy khaki pants stood at the door. 

Austrailian: G'day Dell.

Dell: Charles!

The first thing they greeted each other were tight hugs and big hellos. As they released, a short plump woman almost Dell's height but a bit slimmer walked up the stair holding a simple suitcase. She was 6'8", had brown hair that was wrapped up in a loose bun, brown eyes, wearing a green plaid blouse and blue jeans. Another tall boy walking with his arms full with three suitcases.

Woman: Howdy Dell honey!

Dell: Sam? Is that ya?

Sam: You know it.

Boy: Hey ma, can I set down this stuff?

The boy spoke in a rough Boston accent, he was tall like his father, 7'4", had brown hair hidden under a baseball cap, blue eyes to match his father, wearing a red tee shirt and baggy brown knee shorts. White knee socks meeting with the rim of the shorts.

Sam: I told ya Tom, we would be keepin' the stuff in the car!

Tom: Wha- Then why did dad say I needed to bring up this stuff!?

Sam looked to Charles.

Sam: You said that?

Charles: Ermm.. I love you?

Sam: I love you too- now take all the suitcases back to the car.


The door bell went off as Dell and John greeted the entrance this time.

A 6'7" man with wide rim glasses that covered his baby blue eyes, hair black, a white men's blouse covered with a beige vest, leggings dark gray with army black boots, was at the door this time along with a bald colossal 10'2" man, wearing a plain white short sleeve shirt and beige pants.

Dell: Fritz..

Fritz pushed his glasses back up his nose, giving a nervous smile.

Dell: And Boris.

The colossal man waved.

John: Cone on in guys, we were just about to make sandwiches.


Four REDs down, four to go
Four BLUs down, four to go

It seems I won't need to go to chapter five to introduce all of the main cast...

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